Friday, September 19, 2008

Small but mighty

Eggbert turned 10 months old today. I absolutely cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by. This time last year I was waddling around with her kicking me from the inside, and now I have this huge active funny little girl. Amazing!

Well, technically she isn't huge. We haven't weighed her yet this month, but she's in the 8th percentile for height, and last month she was only around the 20th for weight, so she's actually quite small. She seems to be growing steadily at her own pace, though, so no worries.

One advantage of being a short girl is that she is comfortably close to the ground, which is a very good thing because she falls over constantly. She has just learned to walk (my little girl walking? how did that happen so fast?), but she tends not to look out for toys, adult feet, or anything else that she might trip over. This morning she slipped and fell when moving at top speed on some condensation from her sippy cup (which I had put in the refrigerator in a misguided attempt to make it more appealing). She also gets so excited sometimes that she just falls over for no good reason. It's hard to watch, but she's so fast that we can't catch her every time either, so we're learning the hard way that babies are tougher than they look. The amazing part, though, is that no matter how many times she falls, she's always up and moving again 10 seconds later. I have no idea where she gets that toughness, but I am most impressed with it. I never would have figured the Egg for such a brave little soul. Especially since she's terrified of pop-up books.


WaterBishop said...

Gee time flies. I'll bet she's adorable. :)

Rachel Inbar said...

I used to wish they made special helmets for kids who are just starting to walk... 10 months - wow! my earliest walked at 13-1/2 months. Sounds like Eggbert's a real trooper :-)

JENN said...

Wow walking at 10 months! I bet she is keeping you and dh busy! Amazing! Go! Eggbert! Go!

I agree with Rachel about the helmets! We would use it with our 2 yr old in a heart beat! I think they do make them...

Lut C. said...

Walking already? Wow!

They do make helmets for babys, and I've been considering whether to get one.
Perhaps it's too overprotective even for a post-IF mom? Just, it looks and sounds so scary when she topples over.