Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not looking good

The telltale migraine arrived yesterday, as it always does a few days before my period (or before the end of a failed IVF cycle). I'm not bleeding yet (as I did with my two previous failed cycles by this stage), but a home pregnancy test was stark white today (9 days past 3-day transfer). I will continue to use my progesterone like a good girl, and will test again in two days, but hope has officially left the building.

I told Mystery yesterday that I am done with IVF with my own eggs. I just can't keep doing this. If somebody offered to pay for another round, I guess I'd do it, but otherwise, it's just too expensive, too stressful, and too much of a hassle for such a low probability of success for me to be able to justify trying. I didn't feel that way after my last cycle, so I guess I'm glad that I did this one, but I'm not sure where this all leaves me. I'm just not ready to think about the next step (if there is one), before the dust settles a bit.


Sue said...

Sorry. It's always good to know you tried everything, rather than not trying and forever wondering what if.

Lut C. said...

I'm sorry the HPT was negative. So very, very disappointing. I always feel the show is over with the HPT as well.

You've already explored some possible options before, no need to think them over and decide just now.

Thinking of you.

Thalia said...

Ah bollocks, I am sorry. I wish things had gone better. Glad you're not deciding on next steps now, I always think that right at the end of a cycle is a terrible time to make any decisions about future treatment.