Thursday, March 13, 2014

And now for something completely different

My stats tell me that I haven't posted in three years. THREE YEARS! I have been alive, and have done stuff, and some of that stuff is post-worthy, and Eggbert has been alive, and done stuff, all of which is post-worthy, and Mystery has been alive and, well, you know. Yet I haven't posted. Go figure. It turns out that I am just an infertility blogger. Not a mommy blogger. With infertility-related stuff, I feel a compulsion to write about it. With everyday life, I do think about posting, but those thoughts get lost in the shuffle among all of the other things that I think I should do, and even want to do, but don't actually need to do. So, if anyone is reading this (could there be? after THREE YEARS?), you might have already guessed that I am here to write about infertility. Or actually, not so much about infertility, since what on earth do I have left to say about THAT? Rather, about fertility treatments. Category: upcoming. Category: scheduled and paid for. Category: exciting! We meant to do this years ago. We decided to do this years ago. We didn't do this years ago. One thing happened after another. The money wasn't there. Then the money was there but the time wasn't there. Then the money went away again, taking the time with it. Then we said "screw the money! we'll take out a loan!", then there was a family crisis. Then another. Then finally, we realized that if we kept waiting for the perfect time, we would never do it. So, we picked a donor (she's AWESOME!). We paid a deposit for her screening etc. We rearranged our schedules to clear just barely enough time for the necessary travel. And now we wait for the word "go!" from the doctors. One good thing about waiting for SO long is that we've had time to process all of our feelings, and I think I'm being honest with myself when I say that I feel nothing but excited about the idea of a donor-conceived child. No grief. Just excitement, and a little fear that it may not work. I really hope that it works. Correction: apparently it has only been two years and four months. Still, that's a long time!