Friday, February 23, 2007

My embryos ride the short bus

Well, I got a phone call yesterday from a quasi-English-speaking nurse at the fertility hospital telling me to show up at noon today for embryo transfer. After a little victory dance (at least one must have been alive!) I gave myself a stern talking-to about not getting hopes up, etc. With only two eggs, I really couldn't expect much.

Last time I showed up for embryo transfer, I was treated to the vision of four picture-perfect embryos on the big screen next to the transfer station. They were round, multi-celled, and practically brimming with health. They looked like future supermodels, Nobel prizewinners, and Olympic athletes. Well, OK, maybe they actually looked like little blobs of cells, but they looked like really nice blobs.

This time, there were two (TWO!) kind of funky-looking spots on the screen. They were several-celled, but had a decidedly sinister air about them. They didn't look like the perfect models of "gerber baby" embryos. More like "kids, don't try this at home". Nonetheless, I was so happy to see them still alive, that I didn't much care. The transfer was easy enough. The hospital made me stay there on bed rest for 2.5 hours after, which is pretty boring, but again, they made it up to me with a lovely foot massage. Then I was told to go chat with my doctor for a minute.

The doctor said that she had been expecting to get 7-9 eggs, and had been pretty confident that she'd get at least five, so getting only two was surprising. She said that the follicles were there, but empty, and had no explanation for how or why this happened. She also said that one of the embryos was graded "a little lower than average, just OK", and the other was "not as good". Still, she emphasized that anything can happen, and that I still have a reasonable chance of a good outcome.

So here I am, in the two-week-wait after all. Dear embryos, please stick. I don't care what those silly embryologists have to say about you. You're not below average, you're just misunderstood. So stick around, will you? Mommy loves you.


Stephanie said...

Glad you had two to transfer. What do they know? those little fellas could look alittle less than perfect, but they could be tough little boogers! i bet they are! Hope your TWW goes fast.

Marie-Baguette said...

Yeah! 2 to transfer! I was reading your post aloud and Hubby said "Cool She is having twins!". We are very optimistic here for you. And don't pay any attention to the embryologist. Ours said that our 2 embryos were not great to start with, and that freezing and defreezing them was not going to make things any better. Well I got pregnant with quads. So it does not mean shit. My 2 most perfect embryos never sticked around (one stayed around until week 5 and decided to check out -- chemical). SO hourra for your below average embryos. THEY RULE. Take care of yourself, happy thoughts, lots of chocolate, no coffee, no stress!!! We are thinking of your Hubby too.

Marie-Baguette said...

Marie-B's Hubby here ! I've been following your blog and I want to wish you the best. As MB was saying, don't worry about the doctors' "first impressions" on your embryos, these 2 will be in great shape in a few days, we're sending some good vibes from NY. Best, MB's Hubby

Dianne/Flutter said...

Hoping for you.

Mands said...

Hi there! Came over from Sarah's. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck for your 2ww.

Sarah said...

the picture of julie's two embryos (from her successful cycle!) always cracks me up:

i love your sweet note to your embryos, almost made me teary.

Sarah said...

hmm, didn't paste the whole link:

Sarah said...

crap, don't know why that doesn't work.


(leave out the space)

Heather said...

I hope this is it!!! Hang in there!

Twisted Ovaries said...

I had just two embryos as well. Both were short bus. something worked, because I'm currently knocked up.

So tell yourself this-short bus embryos RULE.

Hopeful Mother said...

I am SO relieved to hear that you had 2 to transfer!

Yeah, much is made out of the perfection or lack thereof of embryos, and it doesn't always correspond with success. I've seen plenty of examples on both sides.

Stay positive if you can - and hopefully your 2ww will just fly by with some great news at the end!

Rachel said...

I'm so glad they were able to transfer both. Stick little ones! Stick!

Susan said...

Yay embryos! Way to hang in there.

They RUB YOUR FEET? Gah, I can't even get mine to give me an extra blanket without everyone acting put out.

Baby Blues said...

Get cozy and snuggle in there little ones! I'm glad the two made it to transfer. Good luck on the 2ww and hoping it ends in a 9mw.

Lut C. said...

You made it to transfer, you have a shot. Try to remember that, though I know it's hard.

Good luck!

Ladybug Ann said...

Wow, that's what I call a full service clinic - foot massage included. There is no definite science with perfect looking embryos and ability to implant. Hang on in the 2ww!

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