Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No more Mrs. Nice Preggo

OK, now I'm just pissed off. The pain on the left side of my pelvis has gotten worse, and now it feels like I'm being stabbed every time I try to take a step. So, I'm overdue, in pain, and can barely walk, and yet people are STILL not rushing to do my bidding. What on earth is the matter with them? Why I just hobbled to the bank today (all of about 50 meters from my apartment), and people didn't even get out of the way of my mammoth form as I lurched awkwardly down the street, leaning so hard on Mystery's shoulder that I had serious concerns about breaking it. One young woman, a member of a high-heeled gaggle of college students walking in parallel, actually plowed right into the fist that I was holding threateningly at my side in an attempt to stop people from crashing into me. And I wasn't even sorry. THAT's the state I'm in.

Of course then I got to the bank, and it took me about half an hour on my rapidly-swelling feet to convince the teller that yes, I really did want to pay my bills there, even though it was the WRONG BRANCH, and they would therefore have to charge me an extra dollar, which I could easily save just by walking an extra two blocks and paying at the right branch. Unfortunately, my Korean is simply not up to the task of saying "if it's two blocks away, it might as well be on the moon to me these days", or "I'm willing to pay an extra thousand if you can induce labor while you're at it!".*

If you were ever wondering whether I am a great big whiner, or just play one on TV, please put your doubts to rest. I'm the worst. I realize intellectually that I am incredibly lucky. Against all odds, I have managed to carry a pregnancy to term (and beyond). This is incredible. I should celebrate. And I will, as soon as someone gets this long-awaited baby out of me!

Eggbert, honey, don't be upset. We've had a good run. I've loved having you in me. I cherished those kicks, my growing belly, the sight of you on the ultrasound, even the digestive issues that ensued, because I wanted you so badly, and love you so much. Being pregnant with you has been one of the highlights of my life, and I know that when it's over, I will miss it. However, all good things must come to an end, and I am now ready to take our relationship to the next level. Don't you think it's time?

* (If the whole paying bills at the bank thing doesn't make sense to you, bear with me, it doesn't make sense to me either, but nothing about the financial world in Korea does, and yet things hum along here with astonishing vitality, forcing me to admit that as foreign as the system is to me, it does work. For other people anyway.)

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Rachel Inbar said...

I know what you mean, having been overdue twice. For me the due date was a time by which I was going to have my baby. Once it passed, it seemed as if I'd lost my chance :-) I will remember never to be pregnant in Korea, sounds awful. I hope things start to move along for you - I truly understand how ready you are to finally meet your baby.